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duck dynasty racist

Phil robertson makes racist comments — the ‘duck, The 'duck dynasty' star made headlines after telling 'gq' that he believes gay people won't go to heaven, and now he's offensive hate language is continuing!. 'duck dynasty' christmas album poised for sales boost amid, The old saying, “there's no such thing as bad publicity,” may be proven true once more as the “duck dynasty” clan's christmas album, “duck the halls: a. Nikki sixx blasts ‘duck dynasty’’s phil robertson, Nikki sixx took to his twitter account overnight to blast ‘duck dynasty’’s phil robertson for the racist and homophobic quotes he made recently. the motley crue.

Phil robertson: is duck dynasty star homophobic and racist?, Phil robertson, one of the stars of the duck dynasty show, is in more than a little bit of hot water these days. in a recent interview with gq robertson made. Racism and homophobia lose as nearly 50% of viewers dump, After family patriarch phil robertson’s racist and homophobic remarks during a gq interview, duck dynasty’s viewership has dropped by nearly 50%.. ‘duck dynasty’ ratings down 50% after accusations of, ‘duck dynasty’ ratings down 50% after accusations of fakery, racism and homophobia. ratings of a&e’s popular “duck dynasty” show are starting to tank..

'duck dynasty' family stands by suspended patriarch -, (cnn)-- the family behind a&e's "duck dynasty" rallied around its patriarch thursday, one day after the network suspended phil robertson over controversial. ‘duck dynasty’: putting the racist back in redneck, The monarch of the “duck dynasty” reality show on a&e, phil robertson, has gone off the plantation to give a gq journalist a full dose of the robertson “klan. Why the racist and homophobic 'duck dynasty' comments have, Many conservatives argue that because duck dynasty's phil robertson has been argued for his racist and anti-gay comments, his free speech is under attack.