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Phil robertson - the huffington post, Americans who view a christian establishment as a meaningful antidote to islamic terror have already conceded the fight to the people they oppose since. 'duck dynasty' star phil robertson says stis, aids are god, "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson is sharing his thoughts on how aids and sexually transmitted diseases can be traced back to god's wrath. the. Msnbc's ed schultz highlights duck dynasty's phil, Msnbc's ed schultz highlights duck dynasty's phil robertson's fox appearance: "convert or kill strategy" is "exactly what isis is doing" video ›››.

Watch: duck dynasty's phil robertson just gave a plan for, In a recent appearance on fox news, duck dynasty patriarch phil robertson reacted to the recent brutal deaths of two american journalists by islamic state militants. Duck dynasty: phil robertson compared to john the baptist, Phil’s son, christian minister alan robertson (the only robertson without a massive beard), who only appears occasionally on duck dynasty, recently compared the. Duck dynasty’s phil robertson discusses isis: ‘convert, Phil robertson of duck dynasty fame made an appearance on fox news with sean hannity tuesday night. robertson is baffled by isis’s hatred towards the united states.

'duck dynasty': phil robertson anti-gay sermon surfaces, A newly surfaced video of “duck dynasty” star phil robertson preaching against homosexuality arrives at a very inconvenient time for a&e. video of a 2010 sermon. 'duck dynasty's' phil robertson on jihadists: 'convert, Phil robertson of a&e's "duck dynasty" sounded off on islamic extremists during a fox news appearance with sean hannity. (karolina wojtasik / a&e). Duck dynasty's phil robertson says aids is god's 'penalty, Duck dynasty's phil robertson says aids is god's 'penalty' for 'immoral' gay conduct in his latest homophobic rant. reality tv star made his latest offensive comments.