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Bread x 3

It is no lie that I love bread.  I really enjoy making my own bread, either by hand or in the bread machine.  I will usually make a loaf of bread last two weeks or more, by placing the sliced loaf in the freezer and only having a piece in the morning.  It seems I rarely need to turn to a recipe book because I find most ideas from other blogs. A while ago I made quinoa bread from this site.

It may be safe to say that this my favorite bread (for now)!  I used regular quinoa, as I did not have red.

My last visit to Reno, I came back with my mom’s sourdough book. I have only tried a few recipes so far.  This one is Jason’s favorite; banana sourdough.

Just recently I tried making brick bread from this site.

This bread is definitely one that you should plan out.  It takes a few days and is made in steps.  All in all, it was worth it.  You have to be in the mood for this bread.  It is really heavy and dense.  To make the brick bread I needed to sprout adzuki beans.  I wanted to share my method for sprouting.  I used to rinse the beans in a strainer every time and it was nowhere near as efficient.

1.) Soak the beans for 12 hours

2.) Rinse and let sit for another 8-12 hours.  They should be out of the way direct sunlight.  The temperature should be room temperature. 

This is what the beans look like after 12 hours of soaking.  I then cover the top of the jar with two layers of cheese cloth and screw metal ring down.  This is what makes rinsing so easy.

I just put the jar upside down in my dish drainer or lay the jar on it’s side on the counter.

3.) Rinse with cold water every 8-12 hours for about 2-3 days.

This is what mine looked like at day four.  That morning, they looked good so I rinsed one more time and placed them in the refrigerator.

*NOTE that the beans or seeds will usually yield two times or more than what you start with.  So, even though it doesn’t look like much when you start, know that you will have plenty.

I had more than the 1/3 cup that the recipe called for, so I have been slowly munching on them.  Last night, I tossed some in my stir fry and tonight I just had a few plain.  You could also have them is salads, soup or even in your oatmeal. Sprouting is fun and a great way to add dense nutrition to your diet.  The run down on adzuki is pretty good, if you ask me.

Have your tried sprouting?

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