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Collard Greens and Pumpkin

Not necessarily in that order anyways.  Last night I made my first Autumn pumpkin recipe.  I love pumpkin and love to cook and bake with it.  I think I was just in denial that it is already October.  I saw this dandy lil pumpkin bread recipe over at the Domestic Vegan last night.  I wasted no time and made her recipe right away.

I started the bread a little late last night so I waited to have a piece this morning. What a treat, waking up this morning knowing that there was fresh bread.  Also, I have been cutting back on coffee and trying to save it for the weekend.  Let me just say that the first part of my breakfast was a treat!

After my workout  I had the second part of my breakfast, the collard greens. They are hidden in the green smoothie, actually.

Traditionally, I liked to use spinach in my smoothies.  I read in The Kind Diet that spinach, chard and beet greens are high in oxalic acid, which interferes with the absorption of calcium.  That was a huge bummer to read about.  I would have spinach smoothies 3-5 days a week!  So, I searched some info online and did find out a bit more on oxalic acid. I will still eats spinach of course,  just not so regular. As for my collard green smoothie, it is great! Honestly, I didn’t notice a big difference.  It did have half a banana and half a mango in it though.  So, it was sweet and creamy, just how smoothies should be.

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