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Simple Breakfast

Sometimes, the simpler the better.  My 8th grade art teacher used to tell us that ALL the time.  Mrs. Killian was probably my favorite teacher of all time!! Little did I know, that that saying pretty much applies to most of life (in my opinion).  So, breakfast was simple this morning.  Coffee and cream, dry toast and a fried egg.

These eggs are from chickens right next door!

AhHemm….ah yes, I did sneak those photos though knot-holes in the fence.  Lucky for me, I was able to receive fresh, organic eggs from the neighbors.

Check out this bread I found the other day!! Local bakery, 4 g fiber and 4 g protein per slice, I’ll take it! Anyone else check those stats before buying bread? Green Earth Baking is right here in Portland!  How cool is that!! I am anxious to try their other breads as well!

If you’re interested, you should check out their philosophy and practice. If only more manufacturers would follow such guidelines!

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