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I think I am hooked on hemp seeds.  The little sample bag I picked up the other day is almost gone :( I have been trying to ration it, hmmm, I think I will just have to pick some up! After my walk at the golf course and yoga yesterday, I made a pretty tasty salad.

red leaf lettuce, red cabbage, sprouts, red pepper, edamame, marsala veggie burger, jalapenos and Greek feta dressing

I get the Greek feta dressing at Trader Joe’s and I will just say it is my current favorite.  I say current because no, single dressing stays my favorite for very long.  It always seems to change.  I used to LOVE Best Foods- creamy ceasar when I was younger.  I don’t think they make it anymore.

I went to the store to pick up some things for Jason. (he is sick :( ) and look at what I found!!

I was so excited because the place where I get these seemed to not carry them anymore.  I was bummed.  I kept checking the spot where they used to be for at least the last month, no luck.  So, when someone asked my if I needed any help, I asked if they carried the Synergy drinks anymore.  Oh yes! They were moved to their own end cap with twice the flavors to choose from! So, 2 new flavors for me to try.  Didn’t hurt that they were on sale either.

For dinner, I did a little girly BBQ-ing.  I say that because I could never picture Jason putting zucchini and red onion on his grill.  Takes a girl I suppose.

Remember when I Had that gift card for Safeway? Well, I still had those eggplant meatballs to use.

I simply cooked some quinoa and warmed some marinara:

I must admit, I am really hooked on Mezzetta’s red sauces.

Twas delightful!

In case any of you were curious, for the poppers we made the other night… It was super easy.  I just sliced the peppers open on one side and scooped the seeds and white part out, filled with cream cheese and them wrapped each one with a strip of bacon.  I put a toothpick through it to keep it all together.  We bbq’d them on low heat for maybe 15-20 minutes. They are crazy good, be careful. ;)

Have a wonderful night!

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