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A Day of Baking

Let me just start off by saying, ” I am not a baker.”  I wanted to be festive and bake a few treats for loved ones and what not.  Besides there are so many amazing recipes out there.  It all looks so good lately.

I started with cake balls.  Wow! That needs to be called something else.

I used cherry chip.

Then stirred in a package of cream cheese.

Melted dark chocolate for dipping. OK.  Why didn’t I think about this part a little longer before I started out on this trek!! That was way HARD!  They looked all globby and chocolate was getting all over the place…EEEK!

I think they turned out ok.  It took me way to long and required more patience than I have.  Oops :)

I had also made the cookie dough balls.

The dough looked awesome.  Here is where I went wrong.  I wanted to dip these little guys in milk chocolate.  Well first off, I think I let the temp. get to high.  The chocolate was nice and creamy for a second.  Then it got all clumpy and thick!!!! I trashed it and went to the store to get more chocolate.  Like I said, baking requires more patience than I have! Second go round I made sure to melt the chocolate on a low, low temp.  It worked ok :( No where near as pretty.  The more chocolate I used the more clumpy it got.  I barely had enough to finish.  There wasn’t enough to make the pretty, drippy lines or whatever the heck it’s called when you drizzle some over the top.

Look at these sad little things.  Oh well.  Good thing I took pictures.  Probably won’t be doing this one again.  I will leave the baking to the baker’s.

Changing the subject.  Check out what my little brother text me while I was baking.

He made shrimp ceviche for dinner. NICE! I must learn to make this.

shrimp, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, avocado, lime juice, chili pepper, salt, pepper, olive oil and season salt. I can’t wait to try this one!!

I need to pack my gym bag for tomorrow.  Baking took my whole damn day!  I did manage to squeeze in a 30 minute yoga on demand. Good night :)

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