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Prost to my Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday.  I am missing her very much.  Long distance can be very hard sometimes.  I have so much to thank my Mom for.  She is the one who taught me so much of what I know today.  In fact, it is she who taught me the values of eating well. I remember Kraft macaroni and cheese being one of my favorite junk foods of all times. It was a treat! Not something that was ever stocked in the house.  Ha!

Happy Birthday Mom!  Thank You for being by best friend… I love You soooo Much.

Yesterday I made the millet bread; inspired by HEAB.  I really enjoy this bread.  Last time I made it, I used half millet and half quinoa.  I think I like that version a little better. I also tried it with oat groats.  The quinoa and millet is my fav! It tastes great with a salad or with any nut butter.  I will be making this bread more in the future.  Thanks Heather!


For the recipe, click here.

Last night we made a rotisserie chicken for the first time.  Let me just say, it will not be the last.  It was so good.  It was a free range, organic chicken.  So worth the extra cost.

A splash of wine went well with it too.

Off to the gym.  It a beautiful Saturday.  Enjoy!

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